Letters Home from The Great War

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

December 17, 1916 - Letter to his Mother from Bramshott Camp. The hut is still in quarantine however they are making the most of it and hope to be out for Christmas. Major Moffat has arranged for a big dinner and is going to eat with the men. This was a big deal as officers in Britain were not allowed to dine with the Privates.

December 15, 1916 - Letter to sister Bessie from Bramshott Camp, England where Alphonsus' tent is under quarantine. He thanks Bessie for the package of tarts and cake that she sent. He mentions that some of the 161st had gone to France and speaks of the number of fellows that are there from Teeswater.

November 15, 1916 - Letter to brother John from London, England telling of the move from Witley Camp to Bramshott. Also speaks of visiting St. Paul's Cathedral and the King's Stables.

November 14, 1916 - Letter to brother Charlie from London, England while on leave. Alphonsus tells his little brother of visiting the Tower of London, Wax Museum, London Zoo, Tower Bridge and taking the Underground. (Unfortunately, there is a page missing from this letter)

October 15, 1916 - Postcard to his Mother from Montreal while on route to Halifax for the 160th Battalion's voyage to England.

September 18, 1916 - Letter to little brother Charlie from Carling Heights Camp in London, Ontario. Charlie was at home recuperating from having his appendix removed.